Our Story

Willow is not just a product but a ritual and a reminder. Connecting to ourselves intimately is a huge part of what keeps us connected to that spark inside of us. We believe that connecting to yourself intimately does not have to be sexual but can be any form of self care. Drinking a nourishing herbal tea or spraying your face with a beautiful nutrient mist. All of our products are designed with the intention to bring more self care and confidence to every women’s life.




About the founder -

Nicole Granato has been consulting with women world wide for years specializing in Women's Health and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). About a four years ago Nicole began working holistically with clients surrounding hormonal health, body image and sexuality. Diving into research and her experiences with women of all ages, she realized how little focus and education there is on not just the physical but mental connection to vaginal care. Vaginal self-care, or lack there-of connects in many areas to women's issues including depression, low sex drive, emotional and physical intimacy and low self esteem. Nicole believes that the more we educate women, especially young women, on the importance of self vaginal care, we can begin lifting this stigma around Women's body's and sexuality we begin to normalize the conversation. The hope is to have women feeling more comfortable and empowered in themselves, for themselves. Making vaginal care the norm and something we do for ourselves, we in return feel more connected and confident in our bodies and sexuality. In a culture that is over sexualized Nicole wanted to bring products to the market that take part in sexuality but not directly focus on sex. Through Nicole's work, her biggest goal has always been to focus on an issue from the root of the problem leading to a lasting change not a quick fix. Nicole believes it begins with us and how we choose to take care of ourselves on a daily basis.